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Reporting anti-social behaviour

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Anti-social behaviour comes in many forms. It can be anything from low-level, persistent nuisance to serious violence and other criminal behaviour.
If you believe you are a victim or have experienced anti-social behaviour, please complete the online form below. If the anti-social behaviour puts you, your family or your property in immediate danger you should always ring 999. We are not an emergency service.
If the Anti-social behaviour incident is a police issue, but not an emergency, please call 101.
Everything you tell us will be kept confidential and your personal details will not be provided to anyone else. You can remain anonymous when filling out this form however we will not be able to contact you to report on any progress and if the incident goes to court we would be unable to use this report as evidence.
Once you have reported your incident online you will be contacted by Central Bedfordshire Council within one working day.
Reporting Anti Social Behaviour
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